" ...You May Never Be Ready, But You Will Always Be Prepared..." - Antwon Lindsey


About The Author


Born and raised in Liberty-City, Miami, Antwon Lindsey has always been fond of literature and film...

Reticent: A Somber Soul in Despair


Reticent: A Somber Soul in Despair (RASSID), journeys the life of a young black male attempting to balance the emotional woes of various environmental traumas that come with growing up a disenfranchised inner-city community of Miami, FL...that ultimately leads to his undiagnosed mental illness and recurrent thoughts of suicide.

The Orchard of Sentiment

The Orchard of Sentiment by Antwon Lindsey.jpg.

In this Orchard, The Fruit Bear Sustenance for Sentiment. There are four primary fruit harvested in this orchard, with each providing unique nutritional value for the "mind" and "soul" to all that wish to eat from them.